Young Pop - Let Me See U Jit (41348Z3)


Super early ghettotech record from 1993, via In-Motion Records. The future electrofunk formula is totally intact, as is pointed Miami bass influence - Young Pop and M.C.T. trade Splack Pack flows on the vocal track, while the bonkers instrumental intersperses Detroit-style funk guitar flourishes and scratching pulled straight from the Miami tradition.

Discogs has this credited to “Young Pop & Serious Business,” which I’m almost positive is incorrect. Full label credits for posterity:
All songs produced by The Doomcrew and Young Pop
Recorded at The Disc LTD, Eastpoint, MI
Mixed and Mastered by Mike Clark and Greg Kutcher
Lyrics by Young Pop
Additional rap on Let Me See U Jit performed by M.C.T.
All scratches performed by D.J. J-Ski
Management: Kappaman

A Let Me See U JIt (Vocal)
B Let Me See You Jit (Instrumental)