Welcome Back


It’s been a bit - last time I was doing any writing this post could’ve been titled “Welcome to the Party or maybe “Back From the Dead 4. Historically, I’ve used this site as a mostly-static archive of my work; almost everything here was initially published via an indulgent little email newsletter that I ran for about a year from 2017 to 2018, with some interviews and other loosies from before and during that period accumulating at Tiny Mix Tapes and Passion of the Weiss. My focus since then has been on extended interview series highlighting specific scenes and cities - I went to Houston in late 2018; in 2019 I spoke on the phone with a bunch of figures from different points along Chicago’s dance music timeline and went to New Orleans that winter.

I went mostly dormant when face-to-face interviews entered hiatus in early 2020, but have simply cooked up too many stews of stray thought, only to let them go cold in the space between being too coherent for Twitter but too minor for me to justify making a bunch of inboxes ding more than once or twice a year.

My hope in re-designing and, if we must, “re-launching the site is to place it more directly within the blog lineage, providing myself a venue for links and posts of any shape while staying un-beholden to any particular platform or the perverse incentives thereof. (Beyond the fact that I no longer have a personal Twitter account, it was always a terrible place to share .zips, my first and forever journalistic lodestone.)

I can’t and won’t promise that this will be particularly active, so the best way to keep up with movings and shakings on the site is probably to follow this Twitter account, which I’ve set up RSS-style to post updates when something new goes up (or a meaningful change is made to the site's functionality). Don’t @ me, or do, but the account itself is unmonitored. If you need to get in touch - and please, feel free - the best way to do so is the “contact button on the bottom of the page.