Various - Midas Touch Records (MIDAS-2)


Details are hazy, but I believe this to be a self-released sort of label sampler from Tony Kurtis, Baltimore r’n’b guy, with a couple DJ Technics remixes thrown in. Tony’s best-known for “Bedsqueak” (the “Moments” mix of which is a pleasantly novel flip of you-know-what), with a shelved debut album and a couple co-writing credits with Gina Thompson (!) to his name as well.

The club tracks are great, a huge treat for aficionados of live-vocal Baltimore tunes (and what vocally vocals they are) - I like “Chance 4 Luv,” stripped to the hook and adorned with a couple fiddly little vocal snippets looped beyond recognition. The bassline in “What U Want” sounds like Technics might’ve pulled it off a Fisher Price keyboard, but it still mostly works. As for a the raw and uncut r’n’b tracks, they’re uniformly beautiful productions, “What Would U Do” being my favorite but, alas, the only one not to get the Technics remix treatment.

A1 Tony Kurtis - G-String (Club Kingz Mix)
A2 Tony Kurtis - Chance 4 Luv (Club Kingz Mix)
A3 J-Mill - What U Want (Club Kingz Mix)
B1 Tony Kurtis - G-String
B2 Tony Kurtis - What Would U Do
B3 Tony Kurtis - Chance 4 Luv (ft. K-Vance, J-Mill, Don Chamillion)
B4 J-Mill - What U Want