Nature Love - You Turn Me Around (SAR0013)


Super tight deep house, verging on what I imagine “lounge music” to be. I’d always thought of 2006 as a relatively fallow period for this sort of thing - the sort of drive time house that is neither un-grown nor un-sexy but escapes the stigma of “grown and sexy” - although that may just be the effect of the ongoing re-education campaign centering “blog house” as the era’s musical lodestone.

The Karu mix is the big winner, first brought to my attention by the ever-forward Beautiful Swimmers on their Sound of Love International comp, but I also like the Johnny Fiasco dub, even if it leans heavy on the most precious snippets of the original vocal.

A1 You Turn Me Around (Original Mix)
A2 You Turn Me Around (Karu Mix)
B1 You Turn Me Around (Johnny Fiasco Dub Mix)
B2 You Turn Me Around (Celest Jackson Instrumental Mix)