J.T. Donaldson - EP (EARTH007)


Sorry for the wait. It wasn’t completely unintentional, but I had some time off amidst a job switch and didn’t get to the keyboard much. Rest assured that my output will come back up to par now that I’m once again selling eight computer-hours a day to my faceless benefactor.

I thought I’d upload this J.T. Donaldson record after noticing a little discrepancy with the existing YouTube record thereof; the gem of the thing, “Slipped Disc,” is mislabeled in at least one upload as “Transitions,” and the actual “Transitions” is nowhere to be heard. I can’t rule out a labeling error entirely, but my copy of the record appears to be quite clear that the A-side contains both “Transitions” and “The Slow Process,” leaving “Slipped Disc” for the entirety of the flip. I’ve thus ripped and tagged accordingly.

On that note, a shout to Martin Barker, whose Vinyl2Digital utility made this a vastly easier process. I have a lot of big hopes and dreams around using one’s technological aptitude for good, including eventually open-sourcing this site as a free and hopefully painless publishing platform, so it’s always nice to see someone out there really being about it.

Anyway, three perfect tracks from the long rumored, never found Zone of Tasteful Tech House.

A1 Transitions
A2 The Slow Process
B Slipped Disc

Zippy: https://www94.zippyshare.com/v/GSsq5dni/file.html