DJ Tone - In Da Closet Traks / No Samples (DM190)


The one-and-only Dance Mania solo 12” from DJ Tone, better recognized as Santonio (as in “Reese and ”). “Breathe Again” presents a way harder, snare roll-ier take on the same R. Kelly flip made famous as Dee Jay Nehpets “Na Na Na” the following year. It’s not exactly subtle inspiration, though admittedly I have no idea what Dance Mania’s house policy on blatantly lifted ideas was. The other three tracks are pure, pummeling drum workouts, thrown straight back to Tone’s deep Detroit / KMS roots.

By the way - I’ve been uploading these rips as 320 .mp3s, but if you’d be more interested in .wavs instead / alongside, let me know.

A1 Breathe Again
A2 Old Skool
B1 Beat
B2 Double Up