DJ Finesse & Lucky Smurf – What's Up (CLR 001)


I don’t know anything about DJ Finesse, Lucky Smurf, or the short-lived Murderland Records outfit, but these are the two fastest Baltimore club tracks I’ve ever heard. Abandoning “Think (About It)” and “Sing Sing” to push into the mid-140s BPM, the A side lifts drums and an exhortation from “Long Red,” while the flip pairs two Michael Jackson samples and some kind of DJ Paul-esque evil laugh to utterly deranged effect.

This record came from Joint Custody in DC, courtesy the main man Ambrose.

A1 What's Up (Wit Sum Head)
A2 What's Up (Radio Mix)
A3 What's Up (Instrumental)
B1 Hee-Ha (Main Mix)
B2 Hee-Ha (Nature-mental)
B3 Hee-Ha (Mike-a-pella)