DJ Fatman - Traxx 4 The Playaz (DM 178)


An all-time Dance Mania footnote from DJ Fatman, approaching a private press vibe - I assume he was somebody’s cousin or something. Production comes courtesy of DJ Skip, whose “Count On Me” remains my favorite DM record ever - Skip was the skipper, so to speak, of the Pushpac Productions imprint which released mostly his own work, but also records like this and the even less-documented Dat Nigah Tha Schit - Pu_sy Pop. Maybe they were all aliases, no idea. Don’t know what the “(PPRM)” that appears somewhere in the tracklist of a few different releases means, either.

Anyway, this extremely crackly record is weird front to back. The beats are pretty typical of the era, save for a chiming bell or triangle that makes a couple appearances. Far more inspired are Fatman’s vulgar flips of Ahmad “Back in the Day” and Outkast “Elevators (Me & You),” the sort of parody that might’ve done well on the “dubbed cassette passed around the back of the schoolbus” charts. (I’m reminded of selections like “Oops, I’m Pregnant Again” and “Which Backstreet Boy Is Gay?” from the “misattributed to Weird Al” canon.)

Be sure to note the sneaky appropriation of the “Moments In Love” melody for the “Who Run It” bassline.

A1 Feels Great
A2 I Wanna (PPRM)
A3 Back N Da Day
B1 Whatcha Need
B2 Who Run It
B3 Between Me And You