DJ D-Man - The Project (DM274)


Late-period Dance Mania, where some of the tropes that would be central to early 2000s ghettotech start to surface before the label's demise shifts the locus of the sound up I-94 to Detroit. “T-Shirt" gashes Adina Howard “T Shirt & Panties," and “How We Look" breaks out the classic male/female call and response vocal.

How she look?
She aight
How he look?
He aight

Note: this is ultra-mid fidelity and makes no claims to the contrary - I’m just filling in gaps in the digital archive where I can, pops and all.

A1 T-Shirt
A2 Rock The House Ya'll
B1 How We Look
B2 Where Them Dollars At
B3 How It All Started