HiTech, swoozydolphin @ glob, Denver (4/7/23)


Unsure how much of the LBJ readership is Colorado-based, but thought it worth mentioning that I have dipped my toe into the show-booking game. (Early returns re: ticket sales suggest that this may be a once-ever occurrence, so consider the experience highly collectible.)

The guests of honor are newly-minted FXHE signees HiTech, who - at the risk of raising the shenanigans alarm - you may recall from my recent interview for Tone Glow. No weird A&R subterfuge moves or anything; they’d asked after the interview whether I thought Denver might embrace their sound, and I bummed myself out so much in explaining the precarious state of diy and non-conglomerate arts programming here that I decided to try and do something about it.

HiTech - whose performance will comprise both a live trio set and a mix by their DJ 47Chops - will be accompanied by fellow Detroiter swoozydolphin, who drops a new “ThirdSpace” mix seemingly every day, and whose perpendicular sensibility for mixing (tone: unqualified praise) resembles that of no other selector I’ve heard.

I’ll be spinning also, alongside some of my closest disc jockeying associates in town, to fill in gaps, whet the audience’s collective musical appetite, etc. I’m going to record everything I can and post it here eventually, but would certainly appreciate you stopping by if you have the chance.

HiTech, HiTech
swoozydolphin Soundcloud